During the 19th century america was a noble country of builders, doers
 constructive problem solvers and inventors. The stagnant countries of europe
 were amazed at American innovation and progress.
      Today we have become a decadent society of mere consumers and
 spectators content to exist in a comfort zone with little personal interest in
 contributing to real progress. People are usually a product of the time, place
 and values of their surroundings.
       The great pioneers of the 19th century being mostly of necessity
 builders and doers naturally percieved the Bible as a divine instruction
 book, a blueprint of God's intentions to be implemented on earth.
        The INFORMATION  AGE  has produced a decadent society of
consumer-spectators that pursue an unending quest for information for
amusement with little will or motivation for  PRACTICAL  APPLICATION
of their knowledge.
        I have to wonder what a  BUILDER--DOER  GOD of  HEAVEN
will do with an underachieving generation of  CONSUMER--SPECTATORS
 who have interpreted His  BLOOD  BOUGHT  PLAN  of  SALVATION
 as a mere intellectual curiosity and the BIBLE  as a  novel instead of a
 BLUEPRINT  for construction of the  KINGDOM  of  GOD.
        What will he do with those who have traded His standard of righteousness
 MAO'S  LITTLE  RED  BOOK  or decadent America's  DELUSION  of
       Enevitable death and the grave is the obvious end of all such wishful
 thinking....then ultimate reality....Gods reality .... Heb. 9:27 ....

     .... CONTINUE ....