.... WOW-1  CAR  PROMO  SIGN ....
       WWW.WOW-1.COM  is an experimental state-of-the-art, proof of
 concept internet Gospel outreach website. It is a  
SYSTEM composed of 3 parts.
 1- A variety of fun, cost effective ways to arouse curiosity and motivate folks
     to investigate the website.
 2- A routing page to sort folks out according to age and background and make
     a personalized appeal to investigate and consider pure Bible based New
     Testament Christianity.
 3- A resource page of essential basic infomation explaining New Testament
     Christianity and where to find the Lord's own true church in their neighborhood.
      This website is intended to make Gospel outreach convenient, efficient and
 fun. You don't need to be a Bible scholar to win souls, the basic info is on the
 website. All you need is  GRATITUDE  for what God has done in your life
 and  COMPASSION  for lost souls that don't have what many take for granted.
      Here is a simple, convenient way to help share the Gospel....just photocopy
YELLOW paper and place in the side and rear window of your car. When placed
 as shown they are highly visible and do not interfere with driver visibility.
      Just log on  WWW.WOW-1.COM and 2 pages into the website is a link:
   .... WOW-1  CAR  PROMO  SIGN .... (
www.wow-1.com/link-page-1.html )
 Make a black and white copy of the sign and use that to make  FLUORESCENT
 YELLOW  copies on a photocopier. The great thing is that  WOW-1  can be
 used to share the Gospel and lead souls to Jesus anywhere in the world.
                  ''ALL THAT  WIN  SOULS  ARE  WISE''....Prov. 11:30
                                            .... DO  IT  TODAY ....